About Us - ForexSocialSignals.COM

ForexSocialSignals.COM (or ITM Financial) is a revolutionary new development in the field of Forex Signals. ITM Financial is the embodiment of sophisticated Text Analytics and Pattern Classification technology applied on data collected from social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

By automatically analyzing data from these social networks, ITM Financial is able to calculate how likely it is for a particular Forex Pair (e.g. EUR/USD) to go either long or short in direction, and also give Forex Traders High-Probability Entry and Exit Trade points. This is accomplished by passing all text based conversations to do with Forex (e.g. tweets, facebook posts etc.) through ITM Financial's proprietary Signal Analytics engine, producing Forex Signals that contain suggested Entry & Exit Prices, Stop Losses and Limits.

In a world full of forex signal providers supplying mostly inaccurate forex signals to their customers, ITM Financial has broken barriers and is now providing forex traders with accurate information on Forex Trades based on "what the world thinks", and not just one or two analysts.

Social data from Twitter and Facebook comprises conversations from a combined 1.5 Billion Users. As is the premise of most Statistical Indicators, by leveraging such a large sample of data, ITM Financial is capable of producing highly accurate forex trading signals that are correct nearly 70% of the time.

In addition to forex signals, ITM Financial also provides all members with a High-Impact Forex Trading Course, specifically developed by Highly Experienced ITM Forex Analysts for traders of all levels (beginner to advanced). The course contains cutting-edge forex trading strategies that guarantee successful trading in upwards, downwards or sideways markets, and comes bundled with high-performance risk and mind management strategies to enable traders to stay net positive in profit most of the time.

ITM Financial's unique combination of Highly Accurate Forex Trading Signals and a State-of-the-Art Forex Trading Course, is second to none in the Forex Industry.