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>>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<
Are you Sick and Tired of *FLASHY* Forex Bots, EAs, *Tips and Tricks* and FAILED SIGNALS that PROMISE you MILLIONS, Only to WIPE your accounts CLEAN ending your trading days forever?

Without the hype and fancy sales letters used by fake millionaire-traders – you know the ones! – we’re going to show you how YOU can trade like the PROs on Wall Street, how YOU can JUMP ON huge trends and capture High-Profit Moves every day, give you 60-70% Accurate FX Signals (Buy/Sell Prices, Stops and Limits, as well as Trend Directions) plus a whole lot more!

That’s right..
60 to 70% Accurate FX Signals!

* WITHOUT bots, EAs or any of the usual systems
which NEVER work for anyone..

99% of Forex Bots, EAs and training products you may have purchased before will probably have left you feeling disappointed and practically robbed of what could have been a great forex trading career.

They simply don’t work!

How can they? They rely on Backtests, Historical Patterns, and other failed science that can NEVER make you profitable in the here and now.

The majority of bots and EAs – you know the “set and forget” ones? – leave you as a forex trader vulnerable, your accounts at risk and hard-earned savings wiped out after a few days trading, sometimes sooner.. Sound familiar?

FACT: A Bot or EA can NEVER know what trade to place and certainly not with any probability of success..

..this just never happens!

You See..
Bots and EAs can only ever place trades that LOOK LIKE trades that were successful in the past.

They don’t trade based on live news, fundamentals, technical analysis or anything that Top Traders on Wall Street use to make their billions every month.

This was exactly what we had been doing before, and ended up losing 100s of 1000s of dollars letting bots and EAs trade our accounts..

You can see $100 vanish in 5 seconds, or $120,500 vanish in 15 minutes (YES that Really happened to us..)

We nearly went bust!

9 out of 10 traders using them always do.

And if you’ve ever made the same mistakes we did you probably hated doing the grunt work that goes into placing winning trades, the technical analysis, the fundamental analysis, the insane number of hours spent in front of trading screens, trying to figure out the EXACT price to go long or short on, trying to figure out how that recent news release will affect your trades, blah blah blah..

And if you’re like we were before, you’ve always given in to bots and EAs and their promises to do everything for you while you go relax on the beach and massage all your other wants and desires, ALL while your account goes into the negative and you lose all your hard-earned savings!

Whilst REAL traders on Wall Street laugh at our utter stupidity!

Now don’t get us wrong..

If you have thousands of dollars you can afford to risk on just testing the waters in the forex market, and lots of free time to sit in front of trading screens watching every single move and learning from it, without any training, any signals or any advice to help you, then sure, the forex market will eventually (perhaps in 6 or 7 years’ time) reward you for your laborious efforts.


..that 99% of forex traders out there simply don’t have the time and money to commit to forex trading this way (even the Top Dogs on Wall Street don’t), leaving them open to fraudsters selling bots and EAs with grand claims of rags to riches with zero work and a life of luxury.

We made this same mistake!

We risked 100s of 1000s of dollars trying to find ways to make a quick buck on the forex market with bots and EAs, because we just didn’t have the time to commit..

And we paid the price..!

boy did we pay dearly for it…

After LOSING OUR ENTIRE FUND, all $120,500 of it, we took a step back and brainstormed other ways to not only get our money back to begin with! but to still place profitable trades at little to no risk, not have to sit in front of our trading screens all day long, still know the market inside out, and have Intelligent Software Technology in place that would not only tell us what to trade based on what’s going on in the market right now, but also prevent us from losing money if the market decided to change (which it does VERY OFTEN).

So what was the solution?

1. How on earth could we POSSIBLY trade the markets with such an edge.. ?

2. How could we get in on the action that traders on Wall Street saw every day?


After SEVEN years of research, brainstorming and planning, we finally did it!

No! we didn’t “crack any code” ;)

We came up with an idea of a software system that could tell us, before everyone else, what the next high-profit trade to place should be -

..with a VERY HIGH probability of success (think 60% or more..)

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>>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<
But isn’t that what BOTS do?
we asked ourselves..

And the answer was NO.

You see, bots and EAs place trades based on trades that were successful in the PAST, whereas our ITM Financial Software System would be specifically designed to place trades in the PRESENT..

..based on what’s happening
in the markets Right Now!

Our software system would LEARN from what OTHER traders were currently doing in the forex market, take an over the shoulder look into successful trades being placed on any FX pairs (e.g. EUR/USD, USD/JPY etc.), and not only copy them in REAL-TIME, but use the “logic”, the actual “thought process” behind those trades, along with information from the latest news releases, the latest technical analyses and the latest financial forecasts from around the world.

Obviously, this was a HUGE task
we were probably being very ambitious..

How on earth were we going to implement this new IDEA? It seemed practically impossible, a dreamy scenario, and an idea that would probably cost us 100s of 1000s of our hard-earned dollars and lead nowhere, because it was just too complex..

Let’s face it, we said..

We just don’t have the technology to “create” this ideal solution..

Forget technology, just the thought of the software even existing was too good to be true, and we all know what they say about such things..

If it’s too good to be true
.. odds are that it probably is ..

After all, if we just came up with this idea, then there were probably many traders before us who did too, and the reason it doesn’t exist today, is because it was just that, too good to be true, a dream that never made it to reality, a project that never left the drawing board..

But the thought gave us more sleepless nights than we had ever had before..

The “what if” syndrome had suddenly grabbed us by our throats and wouldn’t let go..

Hearing in the news, how big hedge funds, The Federal Reserve and financial institutions were researching the exact same thing, spending hundreds of millions every year trying to build what we had just thought up, hit us below the belt, BUT did give us hope that if we could somehow do it before them all, use it ourselves as well as release it to the public trading community, we would not only recover the $120,500 we had painfully lost, but also be hailed as the pioneers of a forex trading revolution like none other in world history….

We just had to do it..

With the help of a team of top programmers, financial analysts, top dog traders on Wall Street and ofcourse our own trading experience of over 20 years combined, we put our insane plan into action and set out to spend the last of our savings, the remaining few hundred thousand we had left in our trading account, on developing this software system.

We put a FULL STOP to our trading!

We wouldn’t risk another cent on forex trading until the system was completed ..

After several years of failure, tweaking, testing, re-testing, binning the whole project and re-doing almost everything, over and over again, a never-ending rinse and repeat cycle, we managed to turn what was previously just an ambitious idea, into the software system we had hoped it would become since day one.

Our mistakes lead us to the greatest source of live forex trading information in the world!
Yes, the LARGEST!

And you won’t believe what it was.. ;)

It was a source that we, along with another 800 million people worldwide, use every day..

Where could we possibly find information about the here and now, where could we find traders who were using this information to place profitable trades right, left and center.. Where?

We were shocked..
shocked at our own ignorance..
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>>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<

Had we realized what we were missing for years, we would have saved ourselves a large chunk of the money we spent building this thing..

.. it was ..

.. brace yourself..

Yes – Facebook & Twitter!
Can you believe it..?? 
  • ..only the two LARGEST SOCIAL NETWORKS in the world where hundreds of thousands of forex traders post and tweet about their trades every single day… SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!
  • ..the world’s LARGEST SOURCE OF REAL-TIME INFORMATION, the world’s leading portals for viral news releases, the world’s ONLY destinations where traders share their successes on a DAILY BASIS!

All we had to do now was to find a way to harness the TIDAL WAVES worth of tweets and status updates that traders put out every day, analyze THEM for patterns, successful forex trades, effects of LIVE news and technical analyses, and we were off to the races!

And lo and behold..
..we didn’t have to look very far!

You see, in 2007 we had created our first product called The Internet Time Machine (featured on, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Chicago Tribune and many other leading news outlets), a sophisticated software engine that could consume vast amounts of data and spit out valuable information like successful forex trades, patterns and trends in a matter of hours.

All we had to do was feed MASSIVE QUANTITIES of status updates and tweets from Facebook and Twitter into The Internet Time Machine and it would do the rest for us.

This discovery gave birth to a whole
NEW software system!
  • A system specifically designed for the Forex Market.
  • A ridiculously easy-to-use software designed specifically for Forex Traders, by Forex Traders…

A system we called..

+ ITM Financial +

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>>> Exactly WHAT Do I GET With ITM Financial? <<<

After relentlessly tying up loose ends and testing the system to make sure it gave us forex trades with ATLEAST 60 to 70% likelihood of success and more importantly, PROFIT, we were left very confident that the forex revolution we set out to create, was finally here..

With ITM Financial successfully running, we began to recover our losses from our previous encounter with bots and EAs, the $120,500 we had lost before. Within 6 months we not only made back every CENT, we consistently saw draw-downs as low as 4% and made a handsome profit of over $85,000 ON TOP of our $120,500 recovered losses, a total of $205,500 in 6 months trading just TWO ITM forex signals a day, 5 days a week.


The following videos show us
profiting LIVE from ITM Financial Signals!
Video Proof #1: The EURO Burst – Sharp Uptrend Signal ($900 Overnight!)

Video Proof #2: ITM EUR-USD Signal ($630 Move In Just A Few Hours!)

Video Proof #3: $51.40 in 60 Minutes! – GBP/USD SHORT Signal

Video Proof #4: EUR/USD SHORT Signal

Video Proof #5: GBP/USD + USD/CAD Signal


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ONLY $97/month !
Includes FREE FX Email Signal Alerts!

The beauty of forex trading today is that you can get on the market with as little as $5 to trade.

You don’t have to invest any more than
say $5-10 to get started on the markets!

And with ITM Financial by your side, you can rest assured that your investment in any forex trades you place, any positions you open, is always going to have..

..a VERY HIGH Probability of Success or PROFIT.

The days of guessing which way the market moves,
are long GONE — and way beyond just OVER!

ITM Financial provides you the “inside knowledge”, the EXACT trades that hundreds of thousands of other traders are getting ready to place on the markets.

And Remember — ITM Financial isn’t just any old “signal provider”.

Infact – it’s not a signal provider at all!

We just call its information “forex signals” because that’s the most commonly used term out there that describes this information.

What you’re actually getting is:

  1. EXACT Entry/Exit Prices,
  2. Stop Loss and Limit Points,
  3. and Long/Short Signals,

.. on several highly traded forex pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and countless more), prices that have been derived from:

  1. The “intentions”
  2. ..and “market sentiment”,

.. among hundreds of thousands of forex traders discussing their next moves on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News Sites, Chatrooms and more.

What EXACTLY Does That Mean For YOU?

It means YOU can place THEIR FX trades BEFORE they do!
It borders on INSIDER TRADING, only not..

with ITM Financial:

  • Powerful Forex Signals DAILY with a 60 to 70% Chance of Profitability on the markets – There is NO OTHER FOREX SIGNAL PROVIDER out there that can back this claim up – We have LIVE video proof to back ITM’s signals!
  • Each Signal comes with the name of the Currency Pair, Entry and Exit Price, target price to set your Limits to, Stop Loss to place, and the direction of the trade (Long or Short)e.g. EUR/USD, Entry: 1.3125, Exit: 1.3225, Stop Loss: 1.3095, Direction: LONG.
  • Each Signal comes with an FX Chart to back the signal!You will see charts showing why the system has predicted a particular move, explain why prices are what they are – This is a level of proof NO OTHER FOREX SIGNALS PROVIDER out there is even remotely capable of giving.Infact, none of our competitors will ever give you this information because they just aren’t capable of producing signals that actually prove profitable in the first place!Even if you DON’T use the signals, the amount of information ITM Financial provides for every signal is a Top-Notch Forex Education on its own!
  • All Forex Signals can be viewed by logging into the ITM Financial Web-Based Platform – It’s extremely easy to use, you don’t need any technical skills, and it requires nothing more than you just logging in for you to get immediate access to the signals for the day.
  • Every week, you will receive a video showing the Top 5 FX Signals of the week and how we traded them LIVE and profited from them – Once again, LIVE video proof backing every signal provided by the ITM Financial System.
  • If you subscribe to receive Email Alerts, the ITM Financial System will automatically email you new forex signals AS SOON AS THEY ARE DISCOVERED.This means you can place your trades even faster– Not having email alerts means you’ll need to either keep logging into the system frequently to check for updates, or simply stay glued to the ITM Financial screen –Either way, you will have LIVE access to the signals whether or not you have subscribed to Email Alerts, though having Email Alerts will obviously ensure that you get the signals faster.
  • A Monthly Training Webinar where ITM FX Analysts will take your questions and give you sneak-peaks into the markets in times ahead – This information alone is worth THOUSANDS of dollars if you were to hire a forex analyst to advise your trading.
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ONLY $97/month !
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DON’T Have To Do:

  • Sit in front of your computer all day long analyzing profitable trade setups – ITM Financial does this for you!
  • Read the news & figure “potential” trades out, the guesswork driving you crazy – ITM Financial does this for you!
  • Spend your money on systems that really don’t benefit you anyway, ESPECIALLY bots and expert advisors – They are way out of ITM Financial’s league, and yours!
  • Figure out when you should buy or sell – ITM Financial does this for you!
  • Figure out stop losses and limit orders on your own – ITM Financial does this for you, in a way that increases the chances of your trades being even more profitable!And best of all,
  • You don’t ever need to resort to bots that do nothing more than successfully clean out your account and end your trading career forever! – ITM Financial DOES NOT do this for you ;) 
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ONLY $97/month !
Includes FREE FX Email Signal Alerts!

To Use ITM Financial:

  • A basic computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS and an internet connection.
  • A web browser, e.g. Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.– ITM Financial works with any web browser!
  • As little as $5 to begin trading on the forex markets through your forex broker of choice.– If you are new to Forex Trading, we will refer you to the best forex brokers out there who will get you started in no time!
  • And ofcourse, the ITM Financial Membership itself ( Only $97 / month )
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ONLY $97/month !
Includes FREE FX Email Signal Alerts!

Becoming an ITM Financial Member

The ITM's 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The ITM Financial Membership comes with a Full 60-dayNo Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If for ANY REASON you would like to terminate your subscription to ITM Financial, you will be given a 100% Refund within the first 60 days of your membership.

You’re Fully Guaranteed – ORDER NOW
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ONLY $97/month !
Includes FREE FX Email Signal Alerts!

Once again,

ITM Financial WILL NOT remain available to the public for very long, and this discounted membership of $97/month will DEFINITELY return to its regular level of $297/month very soon.

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